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    Summary: This analyzer is developed by modern optoelectronic technology. It’s a portable intelligent analyzer used for quantitative analysis of the rapid tests. Quality reaches up to the excellent level compared to others. It is compatible with REALY reagenttests only.

    Intended use: This analyzer is quantitative/semi-quantitative/qualitative detection of hs-CRP, CK-MB, PCT, H-FABP, Myo, D-Dimer, cTnI, NT-proBNP and other items in human serum, plasma, whole blood or urine specimen. The test result is helpful for clinical auxiliary diagnosis.

    Test Principle: Through optoelectronic detection technology, the analyzer can get the color depth of reacted test card, and calculate the concentration according to the calibration data.

    Scope of application: Used for all levels of hospitals, medical clinics, disease control centers, inspection and quarantine institutions, physical examination centers and families.

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    Matters need attention: Make sure the countertop is clean and tidy; Samples is neatly put, no expired; Ensure no test card in the analyzer; Affirm the ID card is matched with the test card; The operators have good personal protection, must take laboratory protective gear in the process of use.

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