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    Mini-CLIA chemiluminescence system is one of the most advanced Immunoassay analyzer which is developed by Realy Tech. It integrated the best immunoassay test method, Chemilumiscence and the flexible POCT concept. This analyzer is a bench-top analyzer design, easy to use operation interface, more than 100 test items are available in the menu.

    Operating Principle: The analyzer uses enzymatic chemiluminescence immunoassay and is used together with the supporting detection reagents to clinically be used for qualitative or quantitative detection of analytes in serum, plasma, whole blood or urine samples derived from human body, including hormones, tumor-associated antigens, infectious diseases, autoimmunity, allergens, allergen-related items.
    The analyzer uses PMT to detect the photonics, convert the optical signal to digital signal after amplification and discrimination. Finally the measured value is substituted into the master curve of the reagent to calculate the concentration.


    Industry-leading precision and accuracy

    High level of accuracy from chemiluminescence technology

    Flexible, reliable testing

    Ability to run serum/plasma/wholeblood samples

    8 simultaneous tests in under 10 minutes

    Flexibility to perform any of the assays

    Simple. User-friendly

    Single test reagent cartridge

    Color touchscreen controls

    Less than 4 steps to get accurate result

    Quality and Compatibility

    Easily interfaces with Laboratory Information Systems(LIS)

    L-J, Westguard QC

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